A long holiday weekend. I turned a year older :)

Saving up for Christmas

Mouse and Cow

Spooky Carved Out Head

Death in the Family

Sick Bunny

Mildew Attack!

Confetti anyone?


Learning how to use Blender

What's new?

Backup, Backup, Backup!!!

In search of a home

Dead fish in the tank and an old journal

Black ooze

Red Hairy Thing

Morbid thoughts

I raised B$12 Million! I'm rich woohoo!


Poolside Dinner Party

Movie Marathon and More Balloon Twisting

Burning Bananas

A close call

Seafood Paella

Nifty feature or stalking tool?

Travel Diary Part 1

My Recipe Vault

Turtle Eggs

Wild Penguin

Holiday ranting and some car trouble

Tardiness for the new year?

Some very sad news...

A very happy new year to all!