Mildew Attack!

It has been raining on and off for the past few weeks and our house is feeling a little damp. There's an unvarnished book shelf in the living room and I noticed that it has a slightly greenish hue to it. Upon closer inspection it turned out to be molds of some kind. Yuck. About half a can of disinfectant later I was busy cleaning the rest of the house hunting for signs of fungal growth. I also bought a can of wax based furniture polish so hopefully the treated wood won't absorb as much moisture. I was wearing a dust mask hoping fervently that the fungal spores doesn't end up in my lungs. Yikes! I don't even sit on the sofa anymore. Our sofa is dark green and its very hard to tell if the dark green patch you are sitting on is part of the design or some fungal culture. I also bought some dust mite spray and fumigated the sofa and the throw pillows. Did I mention that I hate dust mites as much as fungus? *shudder* I just hope that I won't have this kind of problem in my new apartment.


Bubbles said…
Ewwww mildew... It seems like some scene from an alien invasion movie haha. ;)