Raining cats and dogs kind of weather and my current smart home ambitions

The rainy season has officially started and it has been raining cats and dogs the whole afternoon for the better part of the week. It felt very humid and uncomfortable when it just started raining, much worse than the dry summer heat, but the weather has cooled down considerably. It also helps that there have been some strong winds lately (a tropical depression is in the vicinity). There have already been reports of flooding in certain parts of Metro Manila.

Heavy rains in Quezon City

Given my obsession with the temperature and the humidity inside the house, I am thinking of whether I should buy another indoor digital thermometer/hygrometer since I have given mine to my mom. The old one was quite serviceable and even had a temperature probe of about half a meter in length so that you can also measure the outside temperature (although the device needs to be right next to a window since the external probe isn't that long). I am currently looking at the smart home product lineup of Xiaomi and I'm very impressed. Think about it, their Bluetooth enabled room thermometer can connect to a gateway hub (that incidentally doubles as a lamp) which in turn connects to your home network. Not only can you monitor the temperature and humidity of your home on your mobile phone, add in a couple of smart WiFi sockets and you can automatically turn on or off your air-conditioning and or your humidifier when certain conditions are met (all controlled via the Mi Home app). The prices are very competitive also and you can start with just a few components and eventually build up your smart home ecosystem.