Welcome to the revitalized Occasional Ramblings blog

Welcome to the revitalized Occasional Ramblings blog. One thing you might have noticed right away is the name change. I have decided to shorten the name from "Random Photos and Occasional Ramblings" to just "Occasional Ramblings". Photography is still very much a big part of my life but most of my photos will be parked on Flickr and Instagram with the occasional feature on one of the blogs.

It has been several years since I have updated this blog since I have opted to concentrate on my more specific themed blogs. The changes not only include a more modern adaptive design template but also a brand new domain to call my own. The new domain shall be the new home for all of my blogs, consolidated under one roof.  

The specific themed blogs will continue to exist on their own (with their dedicated subdomains) and this will serve as a catch-all for entries that do not quite fit into any of the other categories.