Fire Tree Afternoon

Fire Tree
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As if the hot atmosphere and brilliant sun is not enough to remind us that summer is here, the brilliant red fire trees all over the golf course just screams summer! At this time of the year, the tress lose most of their leaves and red flowers begin appearing all over the branches. These tress are all over the place and the one pictured above is at the golf course near the road going to the our office. A few of my colleagues and I just couldn't resist taking a little break from work and examine the trees a bit closer. We just goofed around looking out for stray golf balls and the occasional cow which actually looked surly. We took a few pictures (some rather embarrassing ones with bunches of flowers on my head) and head on back to work.
Fiery Fire Tree Flowers


~poppy~ said…
i was just wondering if any one new how big this ree is gonna grow so i plant it in the right spot and if it needs shade or sun or what